Tutorial – Command Line

The Studio License allows you to use the command line version of MightyBake. This version is included with the regular distribution in the same folder as the MightyBake executable.

You bake a map by providing the options and then the map type to bake.

MightyBakeCmd <Options> <baketype>

The full list of options is below.

-address <string>
sets the address for the server

-port <integer>
sets the port for the server

Connects to a license server (address & port need to be set) for

Runs as a license server

-uvtile_max_v <Minimum is 0>
UV Tile Region Max V

-uvtile_min_v <Minimum is 0>
UV Tile Region Min V

-uvtile_max_u <Minimum is 0, Maximum is 9 for UDIM>
UV Tile Region Max U

-uvtile_min_u <Minimum is 0, Maximum is 9 for UDIM>
UV Tile Region Min U

-tilingmode <off|auto|manual>
UV Tile Mode

-tilenaming <udim|mudbox>
UV Tile Naming

-f <tiff16|tiff8|png16|png8|exr>, -format <tiff16|tiff8|png16|png8|exr>
Output image format

-e <fbx|maya|source|unity|unreal47|mikk|object>, -engine <fbx|maya
Target engine

-b <int>, -blur <int>
Blur radius (0 to 8)

-targetmax <real>
hbv target maximum triangles per celll

-targetmin <real>
hbv target minimum triangles per celll

-maxcells <integer>
hbv max root cells

-dpower <real>
hbv density power

-density <real>
hbv density scale

-threshold <integer>
hbv triangle threshold

-height <256|512|1024|2048|4096|8192|16384>
Height of image: default 1024

-width <256|512|1024|2048|4096|8192|16384>
Width of image: default 1024

-dilation <integer>
Dilation post process radius

-s <1|2|4|8>, -sampling <1|2|4|8>
Super sampling

-precision <default|single|double>
Precision of calculations, defualt is based on available hardware

-simd <default|scalar|sse|avx>
CPU Processing width, defualt is based on available hardware

-q <low|medium|high|ultra>, -quality <low|medium|high|ultra>
AO Quality

-search <furthest|closest>
Search method

-direction <geonormals|surfacenormals|roundednormals>
Normal direction to use for the bake

Enable shader layers

-aodistance <float>
Maximum range for AO occlusders to be considered

-d <float>, -distance <float>
Maximum distance from surface to capture

-spread <float>
AO Spread angle (0 to 179)

-y <string>, -yup <string>
Y Up (+/-)

Path specified is an explicit file path

-p <string>, -path <string>
Texture base path, map type will be added

-high <string>
High Poly Source Mesh

-env <string>
Envelope Mesh

-low <string>
Low Poly Target Mesh

–, -ignore_rest
Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.

Displays version information and exits.

-h, -help
Displays usage information and exits.

Bake Type


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