For users that would like to try out the upcoming features for MightyBake before they are released, you can download the beta here.  It will work with your existing licenses, and may have new features that are not yet fully polished.  All the regular demo restrictions are still in effect.


Download version 1.5.0 Centos 6 for Linux 64-bit 

Release Notes

Version 1.5.0 Centos 6 Linux- Oct 30 2016

  • (Fix) Fixed checkbox in centos 6 build

Version 1.5.0 Centos 6 Linux- Oct 1 2016

  • (Feature) Added Centos 6 build

Version 1.5.0b3 – Feb 21 2016

  • (Feature) Added ‘Alpha Mask’ bake type – anti-aliased mask for showing the transferred areas
  • (Feature) Added ‘Hard Edge’ bake type – low poly edge highlighting for hard edges
  • (Fix) Added layers option to command line
  • (Fix) Fixed command line transfer baking – broken in previous 1.5.0 beta
  • (Fix) OBJ crash for large multiple objects
  • (Fix) Improved rounded normal transfer direction
  • (Feature) Added status refresh to license server

Version 1.5.0b2 – Feb 11 2016

  • (Fix) Crash on Windows Bake
  • (Feature) Low to low baking now faster and much cleaner

Version 1.5.0b1 – Feb 9 2016

  • (Feature) Rounded normal bake direction (Use to automatically smooth transfer or normal maps for low poly only bakes)
  • (Feature) UV Tiling options per preset
  • (Feature) UV Tiling options in command line


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