For users that would like to try out the upcoming features for MightyBake before they are released, you can download the beta here.  It will work with your existing licenses, and may have new features that are not yet fully polished.  All the regular demo restrictions are still in effect.

Download version 2020.0 Beta 1 (aka 1.6.0) [Nov 29, 2020]



Release Notes

  • Updated dependencies to much newer versions
    • FBX now 2019 (linux) 2020 (Mac)
    • Qt 5.12
    • OpenEXR latest
  • Native Unity Integration – Bake inside Unity (Included before full release)
  • Full rebuild of core architecture to support new rendering model & embedding (i.e. for Unity Support, coming before full launch of 2020.0)
    • Vulkan (TBD)
    • This will allow for better use of the GPU moving forward. The speed of GPUs has increased a lot over the last 8 years and we will need to rebalance how we allocate tasks across the different processors. The previous bottleneck of memory on the GPU has also been reduced.
  • Lots of small bug fixes
  • Unified Linux build (This will be the last build that supports Centos 6, it’s too painful to maintain compatibility that far back)
  • Fixed name matching



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