Powerful Baking

  • Supports maps up to 8192 x 8192 resolution for ultra high quality results
  • Outputs maps in 16-bits per channel for more precision and less banding
  • Bake a wide variety of map types
    • Tangent space and object space normal maps at the same time
    • Ambient occlusion for richer shading
    • Material ID (Clown)maps for use in other texturing tools, including individual layer masks
    • World space height maps or normalized displacement maps
    • Vertex colours from your high resolution meshes
    • Curvature approximation
    • Thickness approximation
    • World position
  • UDIM support for multiple UV tile baking
  • Use arbitrary envelope shapes and sizes, no need to have envelope topology be the same as your low poly mesh
  • Use a search distance instead of an envelope for faster baking
  • Unique trace method reduces errors and misses significantly compared to other baking software
  • Enable super-sampling up to 8×8 and guassian blur up to 8 pixels for smooth, high quality maps


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Efficient Workflow

  • Bake directly to tangent basis of your preferred render engine without any third party plugins and with no shading artifacts.
  • No more worrying about your normal map looking different when you view it in your preferred render engine
  • Use geometry normals or surface normals modes to bake airtight or with less distortion
  • Bake multiple maps at the same time with the intuitive interface
  • Your envelope shape does not affect the shape of the baking direction, no more fiddling with envelops trying to create the perfect bake
  • No need to triangulate your mesh before baking, MightyBake can triangulate it internally
  • Streamlined interface designed for professional 3D artists for fast iteration
  • Bake with a combination of soft and hard edges without shading artifacts.
  • View your rendering in progress with real-time preview of bake
  • Export multiple mesh objects  in the same file, no need to combine meshes in the modelling package
  • Bake meshes with translation, rotation, and scale; No need to freeze transforms before exporting
  • Never lose a setting, Mightbake saves all your interface settings, even between sessions
  • Separate your high resolution models into the number of files that fits your workflow, MightyBake can read any combination
  • Retain your settings, but bake different maps by toggling maps  on and off easily to save time and preserve settings per bake
  • Set up your scenes to use name matching, which allows for tightly packed objects to be baked individually in one scene
  • Fast in-memory scene caching to speed up baking
  • Batch baking for large workflows

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Fast Baking

  • Lightning-fast baking powered by the number of your CPU’s, means limitless baking speed and upgradeability
  • 64-bit baker allows for multimillion poly meshes
  • Custom hybrid baking engine uses both your GPU and CPU for a super fast bake

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Supported File Formats & Packages

  • High Resolution – FBX & OBJ (Z-Brush supported best)
  • Low Resolution and Envelope – FBX (Maya has best support)
  • Output images (16-bit/8-bit TIFF, 16-bit/8-bit PNG, EXR)

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Supported Engines

  • Maya Viewport 2.0 (Preview back in your DCC)
  • Unreal 3
  • Unreal 4
  • Source
  • Unity 3
  • Unity 4

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System Requirements

GPU supporting OpenGL 3.0 or higher
4 GB RAM minimum, 8+ GB recommended
Internet connection

MacOS_Pnthr_Vert_v1  Mac OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher



Windows 7 or higher, 64-bit only


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