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Using name matching in Unity

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With really complicated bakes, it can be cumbersome to create many groups to properly configure the transfer from source to target meshes. When you enable the name matching functionality in a group, it will automatically separate objects by similar name.

Step 1 – Enable name matching on a group


Step 2 – Add your objects

  • Add the top level or each one individually to the typical lists

Step 3 – Check naming

  • Any meshes in the ‘Target Mesh’ list will be compared against the ‘Source Mesh’ list
  • The matching is done by removing ‘low’ from any target mesh object names
  • The matching is done by removing ‘high’ from any source mesh object names
  • The matching is exact matches only.
  • When the objects are found to match in the group, they are paid in their own subgroup and will not interact with the other objects in the group

This can be a much faster way of assembling a complicated bake.

Step 4 – [Ambient Occlusion Only]

  • Enable the option ‘Use all groups’ in the AO baker to consider all the meshes for occlusion.
  • This way you can have clean transfer, but get the contact shadows of the surrounding geometry.

Step 5 – Bake

  • Bake as normal
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