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Setting up a studio floating license server

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MightyBake Studio licenses support the ability to float those licenses instead of locking them to a single node.  To do this, within your studio you must set up a machine that has access to both the internet and network access to the machines you want to float the licenses to.  You can follow these instructions to set up the license server and then you can add any MightyBake Studio licenses you have purchased through a web interface on that machine.  Finally, you can set MightyBake clients within your studio to use this license server to find their licenses.  The licenses are floated for 24 hour leases.  This means that you will need as many licenses as you plan on using in one day.  Let’s get started.

Download and install

Click here to download the latest MightyBake software and run the installation on the machine you want to run your license server.  Remember the location you installed it to as  you will need to return here on a command prompt.

Running the license server

Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory you installed MightyBake into.  Find the MightyBakeCmd program (MightyBakeCmd.exe on Windows). Run the program with the following options

MightyBakeCmd -licenseserver -address <ip> -port <port>

<ip> should be the ip of the machine running the license server.  Machines often have multiple IP’s for different network adapters and this option is required, even if you only have a single network adapter.  Ideally, this machine has a fixed ip.

<port> this is the port for both the license server and the web interface.  Any valid port number will do, but a number between 1024 and 10000 is likely fine.  Make sure not to use a port of an existing server on the machine.

Once running, you can use the web interface to do the rest.

Web Interface – Status

You can use a web browser to connect to the web interface on the address and port you specified when running the server.  Append a /status to the url to see the server’s core interface.


This will bring up a page that shows you the existing licenses and any floating license allocations.


Web Interface – Adding a license

On the status page, you can type in the e-mail and license for a MightyBake Studio license you own.  Click the add license button to add it to the server.  If you want, you can remove it later.

Once added, the license is added to the pool to be floated.

Floating to a client

On a client machine, under the license menu, click Set License Server.  Enter the address and port into this field.


This will set this client to look first to the specified license server for a MightyBake Studio license.  If a license is available, it will register a lease (which you can see on the status page).  The lease is locked for 24 hours.  You can see the status of the license for the client on the top left of the main MightyBake window.  It will tell you if you have successfully retrieved a floating license or are running in demo mode.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any issues getting your server running.

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