License Issues

There has been an issue with licensing in Windows that has cropped up recently. It is caused by the program not being able to connect to the website securely. The problem occurs if your internet options are set only to be TLS 1.0 and not either TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2.  This tutorial will walk you through solving this issue.

If you are running Windows and you get the ‘Can not connect’ message, make sure the machine is connected to the internet and the application is not blocked by your firewall. If you still have problems, try the following:

1: Go to your control panel

2: Open ‘Network and Internet’

3: Open ‘Internet Options’

4: Open the ‘Advanced’ tab (At the top right)

5: Scroll down to the Security section

6:  Find the “Use TLS” sub-section

6: Make sure Use TLS 1.2 or TLS 1.1 is enabled (checked)

7: Press Ok

Restart the application, and you should be able to connect to the server.  TLS 1.0 is a very old standard and is not supported by our service provider.

If you still have trouble, try disabling TLS 1.0 and just enabling TLS 1.2.  If you continue to have trouble, please e-mail

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